Handwoven Spring Scarf


This scarf is handwoven using fine merino wool dressed with pastel tones of the iconic “ikat” motif on the long ends.  Extremely light and made of lusciously soft wool!

Ikat Technique
One of the oldest dyeing techniques known to man, Ikat involves the process of precisely dyeing knotted threads before they are woven into textiles. Due to the highly time-consuming nature and the degree of skill involved, it has long been coveted as a status symbol in many South Asian cultures, and more specifically in Southeast India. The characteristic faded teardrops in traditional Ikat textile is caused by the bleeding of two dyes.This scarf is made in small batches by a women-owned co-operative.

Every purchase helps send a girl to school
Half the profits from the purchase of this item funds girls education programs in India.

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