Black Criss Cross Workout Pants


Black Strap Moisture Management Workout Pants 

I am all about good workout pants at a reasonable price. I can't even look at those expensive workout stores because the thought of $100 dollar workout pants pains me. So enter these, great quality and fit at less than half the price. These are a lighter fabric than the printed ones but still a sturdy workout pant. The waist band is comfortable and tight so they do not slip off because that is just a hassle. And I have to say that make your butt and legs look pretty good! Plus they add some fun to your ankle with the cute design! 

Sizing is pretty true to size but again they are tight in the waist so if you don't like that size up. I wear both smalls and mediums in these, I like to have both because sometimes I just don't want to squeeze my ass in to tight pants. 

19% spandex / 81% nylon

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