Styling Service!

Do you want help shopping!? Plus, wouldn't it be great to try it all on in the comfort of your own home?

Let us shop for you! We can pick out what we think you'd love based on what you tell us about yourself and your needs. We send it directly to you so you can try it all on at home and with pieces you already own. We will also be available to answer any questions or give styling tips while you have the pieces at home!

Want us to pick your pieces monthly, seasonally or for a one time occasion? Maybe you're new at shopping online and need a little help? 

We would love to help! Tina has years of experience styling and dressing people who need a little bit of guidance, love fashion but just aren't sure what works for them, hate fashion and want to be told what to wear or just don't have time to do it themselves. We create a package just for you and include things we think would be a great addition to you wardrobe.

Why not just shopping off the website? 

Well first off, shopping online doesn't exactly represent the items as they actually look in person. From your style profile we will be able to have a better idea if it will actually work for you. BUT even more exciting, we order a bunch of stuff that you only see if you visit the shop or if you work with Tina through personal styling, so you will see different things in your box than you would find on the site!

Can I choose how much I spend?

Yes! You'll have options upon options on how much you want to spend and how you want your package. 

How it works

  1. There is a $20 dollar styling fee + $6.99 shipping is charged at time of shipment
  2. Fee is applied towards purchase if you keep at least one item. If you keep nothing out of your first box the styling fee will be waived for your second box and we will try again!
  3. Keep your whole package and you'll receive 15% off the entire order!
  4. You'll have 3 Full Days to Try On and Decide. 
  5. When we ship your items we will email you a "Product List", once you decide on the third day, fill out the product list with your keeps, returns or size exchanges. 
  6. We will then send you a shipping label to be sent out on the fourth day. Ship back what you don't want & the keepers will automatically be charged to your card.
  7. Important: If we do not hear from by the end of the fourth day we will assume you are keeping it all and your account will be charged the fifth day.

Start With Our Questionnaire to get started. We will chat throughout the process and get to know each other!

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