Sort, Shape & Style Wardrobe Overhaul

Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area? Are in-home Sort, Shape and Style between San Francisco & Mountain View! 

Feeling good is something that everyone needs and though it's not everything about a person, your personal style can really contribute to how you present yourself to the world! Sometimes you don't need a whole new wardrobe you just need a little help with your own. As part of our personal shopping program we are rolling out our Sort, Shape and Style Wardrobe Overhaul!

We know that so many of us have a closet full of great pieces and it starts to become overwhelming, you just aren't quite sure what to do with all these great things you bought and some help pulling together outfits would be really useful. You may need help trying to figure out how to wear that awesome jacket you bought last fall? Or an opinion about those pants you bought 5 years ago that you can't decide if you need to get rid of or are coming back in style? You may need help fitting your body type that has changed a bit? Or want help with what additional things you should add to your wardrobe? Maybe you started a new job and you need to revamp your everyday persona? Looking your best can lead to feeling your best and everyone needs to feel good! 

There are so many benefits to having a stylist come help you in your own home versus trying to tell that girl at your favorite store about your entire closet. We would love to help and make it easier. Tina is super friendly and has an eye for style. She know's it isn't easy to pull things together everyday and believes strongly that you have to feel comfortable in what you are wearing first, in order to feel good in it when you are out in the world. Tina also understands that sometimes it's less about buying more and more about learning to wear the things that you already have.

1. Start by booking a consultation and we will start with an in-person, phone or video conference to find out what you need and what your goals are.

2. Next, we will schedule a time and dive into your at home wardrobe, help you understand your body and what works best and create a closet you can feel good about. We want you to feel happy when you go to get dressed and feel that way for the rest of your day! 

3. We will recommend what you should acquire into your wardrobe to really complete your style. That could be anything from some new long necklaces to a couple belts or a better handbag for your lifestyle. If you are a shopper, you don't need us, just keep your eye out and get some of those things into your wardrobe. If you would like to move to the next level and use us for personal shopping we can dive into that too!

Please email us with any questions you have and we can get in touch if you want to know more about the service!