Personal Shopping

Hey New Friends!

Olive & Dori was born from the idea that the customer experience is the most important part of a retail store & that you can still have that experience while shopping online. Through styling and virtual customer service, we hope to provide people with a place to shop online that still maintains the personal feeling. At Olive & Dori, we believe that your closet should be a versatile collection of pieces ranging in style and price that consist of your favorite go-to's and iconic pieces. We aim to help you build a collection of things that make you feel good and look amazing, while providing you with styling tips to make it easy to wear!

Personal Shopping Program

As you are getting to know the brand we are creating a styling program focused on you. Where we can build a profile for you and your style, keep track of things that work and things that don't, let you know when new things come in and pick pieces especially for you that can be styled with items you've already acquired. 

We will be setting up a Virtual Personal Shopping program with options to subscribe monthly, seasonly or as often as you please. I am still working out the program but basically I want you to get all the best things! Since we order limited stock, this will help to ensure you are first to get the newest styles that are best for you and your style. We will keep each of our members in mind when we are buying for the store to make sure we get things that are perfect for you!

If you think you'd be interested in the personal shopping, fill out the form below and I will keep in touch with more info! 

Lastly, Olive & Dori is named after two adopted pups that are very special to me! Adopting and helping needy pets has always been a huge part of my life, so as a company we want to work to encourage and educate people about the beauty of adopting a pet from your local shelter! We will be donating a portion of Olive & Dori's profits to our local animal shelters, while also coming up with other fun ways for people to get involved! 

XoXo Tina